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#theyeardproject International beard team #teamYeard

14501885_10207316440217072_1910251363_nYes #theyeardproject has an International Beard Team!!! They are Kicking butt, taking names and spreading awareness about Crohn’s an colitis nationally. So far in 2016 beard team members have appeared in over 20 events across Canada, The United States and even Canada. These gents …. and ladies are bearding with a purpose. Here’s how. Read More

Camp Got 2 Go


For many children, living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis can make them feel isolated and alone. Camp Got2Go provides an opportunity where campers can interact with other kids facing similar challenges and are not made to feel different because of their disease. Having the chance to participate in activities and meet new friends helps build self-esteem, independence and opportunities for self-discovery.
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Whaler Warz Week 1

Whaler Warz week1Round 1 is under way! Here we have Nick Adshead for TEAM YEARD and Trevor Donison for TEAM WHALER going toe to toe in our kickoff bout. they are wagering the stache this time around. If Nick raises the most funds then Trevor has to grow a stache for 3 months, if Trevor raises the most funds then nick loses his stache for 3 months! Show us which you’d rather see by clicking the link below and ‪#‎nick‬ or ‪#‎trevor‬. As little as $1 will help these boys win there battle but the war rages on!!