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Celebration Sale and New Rock the Beard Sponsor “BLACK WATER RISING”!!!!

On Sept 30th 60 kids living with Crohn’s and Colitis head to Camp and because of that we are celebrating.

The only thing bigger then this sale is the hearts of the men and women that made this possible. Get a 2oz balm from $9.99 (Faith) (scented $11.99)  or a Mustache wax from $4.99!!!Do we still need to mention that proceeds go to fight IBD or that every order gets free music from one of our band sponsor’s My Hollow, Atmora, Bitter Divide, and now. …… Black Water Rising !!!  Shop Now!!!



Beards for a Cause

Our Great friend and supporter Natalie Mayor over at Firehair Wildling Showed how much she loves and supports our cause. Below is a short excerpt of her blog post. She understands the the difficulties associated with Crohn’s and Colitis as well as IBS because she has and does suffer from it. Please follow the link inside to her blog to read it all and tell her Thank You from us!

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Whaler Warz Charity Beard Challenge

Whaler Warz

Hi Warriors, Bearded Friends & Bearded Foes.
I am Mike Speyer the co-founder for ‪#‎theyeardproject‬ and acting chair for Whaler War 1….. Yes I said 1. We are just launching and have so much interest I see several seasons in our future. That being said I want to outline our vision for this competition, how it will work and what you should expect.

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Whaler Warz Week 1

Whaler Warz week1Round 1 is under way! Here we have Nick Adshead for TEAM YEARD and Trevor Donison for TEAM WHALER going toe to toe in our kickoff bout. they are wagering the stache this time around. If Nick raises the most funds then Trevor has to grow a stache for 3 months, if Trevor raises the most funds then nick loses his stache for 3 months! Show us which you’d rather see by clicking the link below and ‪#‎nick‬ or ‪#‎trevor‬. As little as $1 will help these boys win there battle but the war rages on!!