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14501885_10207316440217072_1910251363_nYes #theyeardproject has an International Beard Team!!! They are Kicking butt, taking names and spreading awareness about Crohn’s an colitis nationally. So far in 2016 beard team members have appeared in over 20 events across Canada, The United States and even Canada. These gents …. and ladies are bearding with a purpose. Here’s how.12472324_239051516445027_7509301155334447497_nThese days beards are more popular than ever. And so are beard competitions. There are no better places to see beard at their best then at beard comp. The original concept of #theyeardproject was to grow a beard and when people noticed or asked about your beard it gave you the opening or opportunity to talk about the disease, and collect pledges to help fund youth camps for kids with IBD. These competitors have taken it to the next level. Bringing #theyeardproject’s cause and products right to the front lines of bearding. Drawing in support in the commu13245382_1240834675928248_8750736288114332038_nnity , and corporate sponsors while mingling and enjoying the brotherhood that comes from being part of a team. Just this weekend Jamie Collins of #teamYeard placed 7th out of a class of 39 at the US nationals.  Upcoming events for #teamYeard include Detroit’s 2nd Circus of Whiskers. We are currently looking for a volunteer to help manage our events and results list here on the Website. If you are interested in volunteering or joining #TeamYeard  please email us at info@theyeardproject.org

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