Beards for a Cause - #THEYEARDPROJECT

Our Great friend and supporter Natalie Mayor over at Firehair Wildling Showed how much she loves and supports our cause. Below is a short excerpt of her blog post. She understands the the difficulties associated with Crohn’s and Colitis as well as IBS because she has and does suffer from it. Please follow the link inside to her blog to read it all and tell her Thank You from us!

“Sometime last year I stumbled across theyeardproject, a nonprofit founded by Canadian brothers Mike and Martin Speyer to help raise awareness for Crohn’s and Colitis. Part of their initiative also includes raising money to send kids with IBD to a special camp called CampGot2Go. This is awesome. I was diagnosed with colitis when I was a kid, and some of the things that I was expected to do at camp were just not as fun for me or others, when I had to dash off to the head.

Decades later, I’m an adult with IBD. I seek out opportunities to help educate people about Crohn’s and Colitis and do what I can to help people like me. Why? Because I’m capable. I’ve got my illness relatively under control while many people…”

Continue reading at Firehair Wildling

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