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Whaler Warz

Hi Warriors, Bearded Friends & Bearded Foes.
I am Mike Speyer the co-founder for ‪#‎theyeardproject‬ and acting chair for Whaler War 1….. Yes I said 1. We are just launching and have so much interest I see several seasons in our future. That being said I want to outline our vision for this competition, how it will work and what you should expect.

This season will feature 2 teams that are selected and managed by “Captains”. It is the captains jobs to select 6 competitors per team that will compete in two week fundraising campaigns for their designated charities. Members of Team ‪#‎Whalernation‬ are fundraising for The MS society and Team ‪#‎YEARD‬ will be fundraising for ‪#‎theyeard‬ project. The competitors are setting “wagers” such as whomever raises the LEAST money is committing to either grow their Mustache for 3 months or Shave their Stache for three months leaving the rest of their beard, or whatever deed the participants deem worthy. Winners will receive a #theyeardproject or #whalernation shirt providing the combined amount of that round exceeds $60.

We are looking to not only raise money but increase awareness for these charities and the diseases so please know what you are representing and represent accordingly.

Some advise for anyone new to fundraising… don’t just count on friends and family. Get involved in your community, do yard clean ups, bottle drives, lemonade stands, kiss a whaler, and your best bet….talk to local businesses….corporate sponsors are the best source and your captains and I will help you when you get a good lead.

This seasons Captains are THUMZ AND THE RED WHALER James Tromblay and my brother Co-founder of ‪#‎theyeardprodject‬ Martin Speyer. These Ginger beards will battle for the 7th and final round of the competition. The team that generates the most money overall will win a trophy (to be designed)with competitors names on it. Captains they will also uptdate campaigns on the Whaler Warz page.

I selected the first first round and Trevor Donison will battle Nick Adshead in a battle of Ontario to start.
Captains please pick and disclose your teams the winning captain from round one will select the match-up for round two and so on.
Competitors please prepare profiles written or preferably in a YouTube video to your captains.

If you are interested in WWII please submit a video application to me along with the charity you would like to see represented. Whiskerinas, Chops, Staches, Goatees be prepared ……This just got real. ……. WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED.

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